• New York City – A Few Personal Highlights (1/21/2017) - It’s long been a dream of mine to go to New York. I mean, for years. So in December last, myself and Ray bit the bullet, packed our bags and headed over there for the last weekend before Christmas. When you have wanted to go somewhere for all your life, there’s a real danger that … Continue reading New York City – A Few Personal Highlights
  • Conquering Flight Anxiety (1/4/2017) - Believe it or not, flight anxiety is really a common thing. Chances are if you mention it to someone that you have it, they will say ME TOO at some point. For some people, it begins as soon as they book a flight or perhaps it starts a few days just before travel. For others, … Continue reading Conquering Flight Anxiety
  • What I’ve Learned As A New Blogger (11/29/2016) - Ok, so I have had my blog now for just under a month and what a fast month its been. If you want time to pass by in a general haze of busyness and sleep deprivation, all you need to do is create a blog and work to maintain it! 
  • A Mini Guide To Help Manage Stress (11/21/2016) - “Stressed spelled backwards is Desserts” – Loretta La Roche Love that Quote.  Everyone at some stage in their life has experienced stress. It can manifest itself in many different ways and what may be stressful for one person is not stressful for another.
  • Five Ways To Get THAT Good Night’s Sleep (11/10/2016) - I like sleep. No, strike that – LOVE sleep. There is nothing better than hopping under that duvet and settling down for a great night’s sleep, one where you wake up feeling refreshed and like, well, yourself! A bad night’s sleep can throw you off your game, make a long day even longer to the … Continue reading Five Ways To Get THAT Good Night’s Sleep