A Few Current Makeup Favourites

Picking out my current makeup favourites was quite easy peasy as they were all in my everyday makeup bag. Some I bought when I was recently in New York and others I have been using long before that. They are not necessarily new products but are new to me so I thought I would share with you the ones that are totally rocking my boat at the moment. They range from fairly inexpensive to the more pricier end of the spectrum so a good mix.

1. Laura Mercier Foundation Radiance Primer 

I was an eager beaver to give this a go as I am always in favour of products that help you give you that dewy look and this primer definitely helps with that elusive glow. I apply this just before my foundation and it is super easy to apply. A silky smooth consistency, it dries quite quick and also blends very well with my foundation. I find this primer is better at giving me the dewy look rather than actually keeping my makeup in place but I guess that is to be expected having makeup on for twelve hours. I bought this in Sephora and was delighted to get a miniature 30ml version to try out before I fully committed but I think this favourite is firmly in my everyday makeup for now. 

2. Estee Lauder Double Wear Waterproof Concealer 

Dark circles seem par for the course with me in recent months due to long days at work as well as just getting over at least three head colds in quick succession. I first tried Estee Lauder concealer last year and loved it so this is a repurchase for me. I use the shade 1W Light (warm) and I apply with my beauty blender underneath my eye, over blemishes and around the nose area. It is so easy to blend and for me, its a must have in my everyday makeup bag. My only criticism is the lack of wand to apply it but something I am willing to overlook. 

3. Burberry Wet and Dry Silk Eyeshadow – Pearl Barley 

Ok, so this was a total luxurious buy and I’ll tell you why. I wanted a really good subtle eyeshadow for everyday use, one that would apply very well and was easy to blend. I did a little research and low and behold, Burberry Pearl Barley (No. 102) came highly recommended. I have never bought anything Burberry in my life but I really do love this. It is silky smooth and a pleasure to blend on the lid. A simple application with a Mac 214 brush and you are set for the day. Pop it on top of the Nars Smudge Proof Eyeshadow Base and it wont be budging throughout the day.  

4. NYX – Matte Lipstick – Stockholm 

I absolutely love this lipstick and I am not a lipstick person. It’s a great neutral but yet stylish colour and it normally goes with most other makeup I apply. The real bonus of this matte lipstick is that it doesn’t dry your lips out like others do. You will obviously need to use with lip liner to obviously get more definition around the lips. Whether this shade is your thing or not, I absolutely love this matte lipstick range from NYX. It’s also very affordable which means you can build up a nice little collection of colours. Score. 

5. Clinique Foundation Buff Brush 

I was long a fan of the MAC 187 Due Fibre Brush for applying my foundation. It’s been a firm favourite in my makeup bag for about eight years now but the Clinque Foundation Buff Brush attracted my attention and I just fancied a change. I purchased it just before Christmas and so far so good. I pump my foundation directly on to the brush, pop on the midsection of my face and blend out from there. It very easy to blend with. I find, perhaps because of an increase quantity of bristles in comparison to the MAC 187, it is a little sturdier for blending and for me, works a little quicker. Both brushes are firmly in my everyday makeup bag and won’t be going anywhere. A girl needs options doesn’t she? 

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