Tatcha Luminous Dewy Skin Mist – The Review

Now I’ve had my eye on the Tatcha Luminous Dewy Skin Mist for a while. For me, its all about trying to get that healthy glow, both with and without makeup, and I knew this skin mist came highly recommended. So when I was able to pop into Sephora on a recent trip to New York, it was the first thing that I popped into my basket. I was so delighted to get my hands on it and what’s made me even happier is that it really doesn’t disappoint.

The whole concept of this Japanese skin mist is that it can be spritzed for a much needed boost of hydration resulting in dewy, luminous skin. The packaging is chic, clean and you can tell instantly that it is a quality product. It comes in a glass lilac bottle with gorgeous gold spray nozzle. The size is standard 40ml size but less is more with this product so you won’t be flying through it. 


This milky emulsion fits neatly into my morning makeup routine as I usually use it after the skincare bit and just before I pop on my primer. Two sprays is all you will need. It’s  really tempting to use more but it really isn’t necessary. I then let it settle just for a minute or two and continue on with the rest of my routine. I have also used it in the middle of the day to help ramp up the glow a bit and that is equally as effective and it doesn’t disturb my makeup. Score.

Lets be honest, it’s quite easy to be dubious about facial and skin mists. At first, the whole concept of them to me seemed a little questionable. When I was contemplating buying one, I wondered how much of a difference one could actually make. Now I can’t speak for all sprays but this one really is dreamy. I’ve had more people saying to me in recent weeks that I look really well and refreshed and I’m convinced it’s down to the glowy effect this gives. Its been the only real change in my skincare routine. Its a subtle difference but it helps give the skin a lift without being too over the top and its safe to say I am now firmly a fan. 

I have two very slight criticisms – the first being the price as it will set you back a bit. I paid $48 for it and with exchange rate being so poor, that was a cool €46 so I apologised to my bank account. HOWEVER, this stuff really is top notch so I don’t mind that my new found glowiness comes at a price. The second is the scent which I am not overly a fan of but this is just my personal preference. It’s not a bad scent by any stretch. 

To conclude, this facial mist really is a quality product and anything that gives me that elusive dewy glow firmly gets an enthusiastic thumbs up from me. I will, most defintely, be repurchasing.

Have you used this skin mist? How have you found it?

5 thoughts on “Tatcha Luminous Dewy Skin Mist – The Review

  1. Pinar says:

    This product sounds lovely, this will have to be a special treat for that price! I love anything that can make my face glow. I bet New York was amazing! Thank you for the follow, looking forward to reading more of your posts.

    Pinar xo


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